The 4444 social movement advocates
a harmonious global order
by monitoring a fragrance-based marker to
revolutionize human well-being achieve genuine AI alignment facilitate policy trade-offs optimization unite humanity under a shared objective help assess authorities’ guidelines establish a universal frame of reference lead people to evaluate their lifestyles help individuals observe their fitness
and much more.


Through reliance on transdisciplinary research, the 4444 movement develops educational and action programs to cultivate greater harmony.


Considering gene-environment interaction, it aims to improve general behavior by adjusting environmental stimuli impacting various systems.


By measuring a fragrance-based marker, the movement suggests a non-invasive approach to monitor progress from an individual to a collective level.

The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance – it is the illusion of knowledge.

Why fragrance-based marker?

Pursuit of Happiness
Most pleasant states and experiences, such as health, happiness, and harmony, cannot be pursued but instead occur organically due to the right conditions resulting from the ideal policies.
Frame of Reference for Policy-Making
Optimal policies require a reliable frame of reference for judgments and deliberations of potential consequences and trade-offs.
Normative Scientific Information
Scientific information is frequently used for stealth policy advocacy by hiding preferences for a particular policy or class of policies.
Scientific Knowledge is Provisional

Science is limited to the perception and intellectual capacity of the human brain. These limits include the inability of the brain to know the extent of that capacity itself.

Measurable Data as Policy Compass
The human scent contains a wealth of biological and psychological information. Healthy organisms typically emit a pleasing aroma. Odor analysis can help gauge human progress objectively, regardless of race, ethnicity, or location.
Happy, Healthy, and Energized
Pleasant scents have higher energy but shorter wavelengths. As infants, we radiate an energizing fragrance. However, as we age, the delightful aroma develops into an unpleasant smell we try to mask, ultimately becoming a disgusting odor as we pass.
Epigenetics is a Regulatory System
Our scent changes by the complex interplay of genetic factors, evolutionary forces, and epigenetic alterations. Thus, the policies need to address the epigenetic factors.
Interlinked and Dependent
By inhaling and exhaling within our shared atmosphere, we constantly manipulate one another private internal environment, affecting each other’s scent and health.
Individual Progress Leads to Collective Progress
As humanity is interconnected in various fields, the growth of the individual is limited or facilitated, to a large degree, by the ascension of our collective spirit.
Education and Support
Scent’s quantum/classical information compels us to collaborate and support each other, whereas fear and intimidation are explicitly counterproductive.
Universal Unity and Novel Forms of Wealth
The scent-based marker’s capacity to chronicle general well-being boosts collaboration and cooperation. It unites humanity, helps eliminate most illnesses, and turns education and good deeds into novel forms of wealth.
Personalized Guiding Mechanism - End of Blind Obedience

A non-invasive quantum nose empowers individuals with a personalized compass to monitor lifestyle choices’ impact on improving their conditions and preventing diseases.

Special Interest vs. Special Value
Currently, the influence of special interest groups on policy-making is unpreventable. However, attending to the special value of our scent is essential because it provides a universal sense of direction and purpose in life while eliminating the special interest groups.
Collective Consciousness - Closed Loop
To rectify the world, we need to rectify our brains, which requires a rectified world. Therefore, rectification is a journey and not a destination. Our scent is our reliable compass.
Universal Harmony
We need a simultaneous global top-down and bottom-up transformation to attain lasting universal harmony and equitable human flourishing.
Upside down

The Upside-Down World

A decade of multidisciplinary research has led to the development of seventy-two platforms helping humanity choose the right path at the “great reset” road junction.

Root cause

Addressing the Symptoms Root Cause

The research — based on approaches like analogical reasoning, first principles thinking, and root cause analysis — has led to an unexpected area: concealed knowledge within the narratives of sacred scriptures that natural phenomena and discoveries in fields like quantum biology can validate.

Magen David Mystery

Primordial Secret (Star Shield of David)

The research reveals the genuine “Shield of David,” embodying the key to the manifestation of the Divine Feminine, Shekhinah, in our reality. A portrait of this concept, which entails the letters of David’s name in Hebrew and Perso-Arabic, was uncovered in the City of David in 2011 but “puzzled the experts.”

Radical Change - Revolutionary Results

The suggested changes are radical and might seem counter-intuitive or impossible to implement. However, while promoting greater harmony, they will eventually terminate and inhibit the recurrence of most conflicts, natural resources insecurities, tyrannies, slaveries, many diseases, most injustices, blind obedience, most organized religious practices, various marital issues, and so on.

Although the suggested solutions can be complex, here are four simplified examples

Status and Role of Women

The essential key for a rescuing transformation is the status and role of women, highlighting the need for women with explicit ‘feminine’ qualities in power positions, not just more females. A gender-specific governance model is proposed with increased responsibilities for women.

The Nose Knows to Diagnose

The scriptures suggest that the sense of smell is crucial for survival and progress evaluation, as it is uncorrupted and fundamental to the consciousness based on its quantum-classical modality. The olfactory monitoring solution will eventually unite humanity under a shared objective.

Earth-Gut-Brain-EMF Axis

They stress the significance of the Earth-gut microbiome symbiosis in conjunction with the ventricular system and the Earth’s magnetic field for overall well-being at many levels, including moral behavior. This mechanism could illuminate the science behind memory, binding, and real-time conscious action.

Governing Gardening

They explicitly rule against imperialist approaches. They consider the globe as one giant tree comprising seven branches with a trunk for its management. Its leaves comprise a multiplicity of small, self-governing, sovereign entities exercising broad political, administrative, fiscal, and market autonomy.