Feminine Peace


This platform refers to the unique biological characteristics of women in general – but most notably those of the ‘feminine’ woman – underscoring “Women’s Olfactory Superiority” to demonstrate its link, among other conditions, to their stronger memory, empathy, and intuition. Women, on average, have 50% more olfactory neurons than men do. While some have normal olfaction without apparent olfactory bulbs, women’s “olfactory sensitivity” increases during pregnancies. The fact that Olfactory receptors are the largest family in the genome and the potent influence of olfaction concerning our behavior, are other strong indications for the significance of olfactory mechanisms for human wellbeing. However, born in the year 1902, two luminaries, changed the state of affairs: Starting 1951, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, in whose honor, the Education & Sharing Day, USA has been proclaimed annually since 1978 – revolutionized the empowerment of women and prophesied that akin to the year 1313 BCE, our generation would be “redeemed” in the merit of the “righteous women.” In 1979, another revolution happened by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. Akin the Jews, being in the (state of) ‘desert’ for 40 years, before entering the ‘promised land’ and just as it happened in the merit of the “righteous women,” we witness women’s gradual uprisings. Based on various sources, Imam Khomeini stressed: “Women hold a crucial role in societal structure. They are society’s great coaches. Men are brought up by women. Happiness and misery of a country depend on women.”



Within the contemporary transhumanist movement, Whole brain emulation (WBE) is considered as an ‘auspicious’ life extension technology to “upload the mind” on the cloud, for example, by preserving the entire brain. While believing the consciousness to be merely computational, some scientists assume individual mental experiences to be functions accomplished solely through neurobiological mechanisms of the nervous system. As such, the same functions could be recreated in any synthetic substrate, bringing humanity closer to “singularity.” A rudimentary comparison is as one would expect an operational computer clone, by recreating the circuits of a single hardware component, indeed ignoring the data and codes of the entire machine. Whereas there are several challenges to this notion, nonetheless, Bereshit contains a comparable narrative concerning the ‘Creation of Adam’ and the event of ‘Consciousness transfer into Adam,’ namely when Adam became conscious. However, the text narrates also that Adam became part of an interrelated system called “Yehida” (Hebrew for Singularity) – suggesting the need for a ‘Collective frame of reference’ to have subjective first-person experience. Nevertheless, the breath, which interconnects humans to various systems, is unique and indestructible. As “being conscious” is etymologically related to “conscience,” which is premised on ‘moral compass,’ we could define the notion of “Repentance” as what we call “Reinforcement learning” (RL) in the realm of machine learning.



In reliance on ‘neuroeconomics in reverse,’ it suggests new ways to manage the households to improve our ‘Spritoscore.’ In short: Inspired by other complex systems, it aims to create a dynamic, where our behaviors – resulting from the given incentives – would continuously ‘rectify’ our ‘genomic typos.’ In simple terms, the external world acts as a dynamic ‘cast’ molding our internal system for the better. Here some of its ‘key’ mechanisms: In addition to modification to the ‘linkage’ between the legislation and monetary systems, it intends to replace the GDP valuation method, introduce ‘Corpetition’ ideology to revise the ‘unfruitful competitions’ and ‘ineffective resource movements,’ and the ‘Dynamical-sum’ model as an alternative to some of the current equilibrium models. Based on blockchain technology, it adds some ‘lottery-like operations’ in lieu of the current ‘Zero-sum games.’ In practical terms: Given that we, as a global society, can not afford to consume cheap quality, its motto is “less is more, more with less, and the best is not good enough.” ‘Qreativity’ becomes the new ‘QPI,’ as the days of “one number fits all,” and “one product fits all ‘875’ genders,” gradually need to be moved into history books. The resulting high residual values, the sharing mechanism, and the personalization characteristics will spirally enhance the global ‘fruitfulity.’ As creativity becomes the new ‘wealth,’ the goals of our normative education need to be adjusted, in tandem.



In the realm of neuroscience, and by comparing the brain to a ‘musical instrument,’ which is referred to as “David’s Harp” (Kinour, כנור), it primarily concerns the experience-dependent multi-scale oscillatory networks emerging – inter alia – from our unique brain wiring, the ratios of anatomical brain regions to total brain volume, and the cerebrospinal fluid within the 4 ventricles. Moreover, narrated as “ToTafot (טוטפת)” analogous to Dào (道) and “ToFillin (תפילין),” which the Islamic prophecies refer to as Al-Jafr (ٱلْجَفْر), it stresses males (‘الدجال & الرجال’) medial prefrontal cortex (Shin), the Cerebellar cortex (Dalet), which occupies only 10% of brain volume, while it contains ~ 80% of the brain’s total ~87 billion neurons. In striking contrast, as the Sulci (grooves) and Gyri (ridges) the folded surface of the cerebral cortex, the cerebellar cortex is tightly folded and fused at the midline in the style of an accordion. The 2 leather straps refer to the 2 vagus nerves, and the arm Tofillin adjacent to the heart refers to our behavior-dependent cardio-ballistic motions, which reverberates throughout the body and pulsates the brain, affecting the frequency-specific representation of cortical activities. The clue of the middle finger (PC 9 to 1), by the nonocclusive leather banding / binding of the arm hints to the vital function of pericardium, which – as a double-walled sac, resembling a ‘container-shape’ accordion, is defined by chinese medicine as the “King’s Bodyguard,” regulating – inter alia – the circulation and sexual behavior.

Gender Harmony


Discriminatory: Just as biases and inequality penetrate various realms of our society, the laws that govern nature seem not only to be biased but also differ from level to level. Asymmetrical: Life on Earth and elsewhere in the cosmos originated and continues due to its asymmetry. Chiral: The main property of chirality, namely the non-superimposable forms that are mirror images of one another, exist from molecular to macroscopic – on various levels: Akin to our right and left hand, and many molecules, which exist in ‘left-’ and ‘right-handed’ forms, being non-superimposable mirror images, Torah defines men and women as ‘chiral’ entities, meant to complete each other. This platform points to the increase in mental health issues, and its possible association to the imposition of equality, which – inter alia – has led to confusion among the sexes, a skyrocketing number of singles, divorces, troubled marriages, and over 40% of births occurring to unmarried women. Various mystical teachings have prophesied this phenomenon and mention that women’s esthetics is negatively affected by it, to put it in mild terms. This platform clarifies the roots of misguided quests for ‘balance’ and the fruitless search for ‘equality’ and introduces the concept of Gender Harmony.



This platform elaborates on harmonies among the ‘Messy-anic’ prophecies and several terms referring to Messiah: The unWanted: Judeo-Chrislamic religions prophesied that the entire world would have a hard time to believe this particular person. The unRoyal: Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks suggests that the true royalty of a person, including a Messiah, is his inner moral values and courage, and not his appearance or statue. The unAppreciated: Rabbi Mendel Kessin, who holds a Ph.D. in Psychology, suggests that “A messianic figure is always despised,”…“He’s the guy that you don’t even look at twice.” The unAcceptable: Reb Noson cited that “Mashiach will have more difficulty convincing the Hasidim (Orthodox people) of his identity, than the atheists.” The unOrthodox: The Alter Rebbe stated that the redeemer is one of the Misnagdim (Opponents of the ‘religious’ people). The unConventional: Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh suggests: “…Mashiach is not afraid to express his opinion, including when his opinion is not based on an explicit prophecy.” The unSafe: Akin to the Antichrist idea, the Islamic sources prophesied that many will vehemently resist and intend to kill him. However, once they verify his validity, they will become a firm supporter and will follow his petitions without asking for further proof.



Analogous to the dynamics of botanical and neural systems, and by referring to “the seven continents,” this platform suggests the creation of a universal confederation consisting of a multiplicity of multiscale self-governing entities akin to Swiss Cantons. This ‘Minorities-only’ model relies on ‘14AA41’ principle: “Unus pro Omnibus, Omnes pro Uno,” meaning “One for All, All for One.” Even though ‘musical chair games’ are a more enjoyable way to distribute land among humankind compared to endless deadly wars, this platform suggests dividing the land through the lens of Systems biology to match the tribes with their optimal regions, in order to optimize the ‘rhizosphere – human microbiome symbiosis.‘ Given that the ecological factors affect the multi-omics, the tribes can continuously adapt their lifestyles to increase their SpritoScore.

Corpus Callosum


In the realm of Cybernetics, the Corpus callosum (CC), which is referred to as “Nun” (Hebrew “נ or ן”) translated as (Fish or Snake), is defined as the ‘Master Tool’ to regulate viable complex systems. It suggests that our harmony is primarily associated with our commissural fibers in the realm of spatiotemporal patterns of neural activities. This platform addresses the handedness- and gender-related differences in macro- and microstructure of the callosal pathways in general, and concerns the ratio of CC to total brain volume, as well as the space-time dynamics of excitation-inhibition, in particular. As different experiences trigger different patterns of genomic activation, it suggests a particular network-level gauge of excitation-to-inhibition ratio (E: I), to optimize region-specific gene expression. Considering the gradual decrease in the size ratio of CC through history, various literature notes that while males have a larger absolute CC area, some females and left-handers have a higher CC area to total brain volume ratio. A 2014 study shows that the size of the human CC positively correlates with intelligence and creativity. It has also been suggested that the trophy of the CC is associated with faster disease progression and may contribute to age-related gross and fine motor declines, as well as to higher cognitive deficits. In general, CC resection and microstructural or developmental alterations are often associated with cognitive decline, and various neurodegenerative diseases are linked with the shape of CC.

Gender Harmony


Based on the unique biological advantages of women’s brain, and to ensure fairness among the two sexes, this platform elaborates on exclusive obligations concerning women, without granting men any corresponding rights. The platform, OurCompass, elaborates on the mechanism for women’s superior behavior, which – inter alia, clarifies the enormous gap of crime rates between the two sexes. However, the data suggest that women’s superior attributes can and need to be matched with expanded rights accompanied by greater responsibilities. Nonetheless, based on “Final in Deed, First in Thought” principle, the Jewish sources define a “feminine world” as the ultimate purpose of creation. It suggests that while the “male dominating the female” modality has already served its objectives, namely ‘Learning to Appreciate’ and ‘Appreciating to Learn,’ the time has come to cultivate harmony. That is a spiral evolving continuum, based on the Femocratia, rather than the ‘masculine fixing modality,’ racing to a fixed destination, without stopping to ask for directions, due to the lack of intuitive realization of being lost. The BrainPlasticity platform elaborates on the needed improvement of the males Prefrontal cortex.



The real Shield of David (MAGEN DVYD) can be seen in an 2011 archaeological discovery in the City of David. It represents various concepts associated with the Hebrew letter Alef. As a spiritual person with a complete and blind trust in God, King David, for instance, did not carry a shield for his physical protection. Rather, he did it for Alef, as he says in Psalms 3:4, “But You, O Lord, are a shield for me, my glory and He Who raises up my head.”




Through the lense of plant biology, and analogous to the ‘utility’ of a trunk, this platform facilitates the needed tools such as distributed ledger platforms for visibility and accountability and other cloud-based platforms to crowdsource the goals on a project basis, equitably. This system allows any stakeholder, even a private individual, to participate. Moreover, every Branch becomes just a holder and not the legal owner of the land. An open-source platform will secure the effective, transparent, and fair distribution of natural resources among the branches. While this model will facilitate remarkable benefits, it will ultimately end the imposed separation of people based on national identity and the need for a military armed with heavy weapons or national border walls.



Our theory of

Gender Harmony


Given that great experiences such as prosperity, happiness, and health can only emerge organically as an ‘offshoot’ of a harmonious dynamic system. Considering the attributes of a complex system, such as the growth of its connectivity, nonlinear dynamics, directional patterns of change, and frequent surprises associated with its emergent properties. Instead of a set of complicated rules, this platform suggests an adaptive decision‐making mechanism to regulate repetitive interactions between its parts, which in turn might enhance the overall behavior over time. Based on advanced algorithms, the employment of the Internet of Things, combined with intelligent feedback loops, and big data will allow us to manipulate the cyclic and linear variations of growth, to a desired – positive or negative – spiral patterns. However, this mechanism will enable us to track and measure ‘the value’ of variables in a transparent manner. Intending to optimize the growth of the factors specified in Fruitfulity, this platform uses the framework of ‘Sexy Objectives and Key Results’ (SOKRs). The roles are defined on the basis of the masculine and the feminine biological strength.



The commonly known 22 Hebrew Alphabet, start with the letter Alef representing the number One. Nonetheless, akin to a two-state/level quantum system, it also embodies the 23rd letter, expressing the number Zero. It resembles the ‘coupling space’ between the 7 musical notes through which ‘harmonious’ music emerges, which could be defined as ‘the 8th note.’ As a ‘nonexistent’ key, it harmonizes two or more ‘paradoxical’ entities, akin to the Yin-Yang. As such, it corresponds to the 23rd pair of chromosomes, the sex chromosome. Moreover, it also defines the status of the two sexes by setting the level of the feminine as superior. As the 10th prime number, it also coincides with the 10 Sefirot, the often overlooked Cranial Nerve zero, which is involved with the sexual behavior and the word ברא, (Bara) “created,” with the ordinal Gematria of 23. As a ratio between physical constants of the same dimensions, thus a gauge coupling parameter, it is associated with the fine structure constant α (≈ ​1⁄137), which in turn, is linked with QabbAllah (137). It entails vital information on the ~ 23° earth’s axis tilt, as well as the 23 days physical biorhythm hypothesis, which are also hinted in the eminent Psalm 23. The birthday paradox, the 23 years of Prophet Muhammad and many other phenomena.



Based on Femocratia, in this system of government the global Authority receives limited rights and defined obligations to deal with the global challenges, while local Authority and Power are vested in local mayors and their administrations. In such a system, it is more likely that the leaders feel toward their people a sense of obligation based on shared communal identity, which ensures mutual trust between the two, which in turn enables harmony and prosperity.



Women’s superior ‘gut intuition’ is narrated in Genesis 3:1 by Nakhash (Serpent) corresponding to Intestinal Tract (Gut) and Afar (Dirt) corresponding to Microbiome (Microbiota), which are susceptible to both exogenous and endogenous factors, evolving throughout our lifetime. Considering various gut axes with other organs, and the manipulative mechanism of the trillions of commensal microorganisms to multifarious functions including development, neurobehavioural traits, cognition, fecundity, metabolism, and immunity, gut bacteria can be potentially harmful when the ecosystem is not in harmony. This platform elaborates on the required cultural factors and hygiene norms such as the effect of Mikveh on the trillions of microorganisms on or within our tissues and biofluids in association with the rhizosphere microbiome. By defining appropriate goals for the AI algorithms, and sequence-based screening methods to interrogate the operational dynamics, it aims to recommend personalized diet and hygiene recommendations to improve personal and collective SpritoScore.

Gender Harmony


Considering the unique biological attributes of women, the need for appreciation of the feminine qualities is critical for the general well-being. Empowering women to do what men can do is depreciating her abilities. Men need to be educated why and how they need to empower their life partners, which will generate more synergy and harmony between the two.



While none of the Noahide Laws command to worship any kind of deity, also “freedom of religion” is undoubtedly given, as there was no religion in those days. In reliance on behavioral psychology and functional sociology, a novel interpretation examines how the codes would enhance the global fertility capital.



Our theory



Considering the enormous biological data such as from our genomics, microbiome, and phenotypic, this platform elaborates on a possible solution …

Gender Harmony


An invisible bridge between Iranians and Israelis to be built by feminine-female leaders in order to achieve lasting peace. GreenBlueBridge intends to build two shadow governments, representing Iran and Israel, to collaborate with think tanks and academia in demonstrating the strategic benefits of cooperation between their respective nations.



Based on various sources such as Bilam’s prophecy, “A trunk will rise out of Israel,” as well as Isaiah 11:1 “But a branch shall grow out of the trunk of…,” Israel’s name will be changed to
‘Its HaShalom,’ ‘עץ השלום,’ ‘Trunk of Peace or Body of Peace.’
The standard Gematria of ‘עץ השלום’ (Its HaShalom) is equal to “ישראל” (Israel) namely, 541. However, it’s ordinal Gematria becomes 111, which is the full-name Gematria of “Alef,” and it’s Achbi Gematria becomes 913, equal to “Bereshit” (Genesis). Its abbreviation of ‘ע ה ש’ stands for “עלכם השלום,” with equal Gematria of 541 means, “Peace be upon you,” “عَلَيْكُمُ السَّلَام.” The platform Jehud elaborates on mystical reasoning for this change. However, its new ccTLD and ISO Alpha 2 will become IH, and it’s ISO Alpha 3 becomes IHS.



Based on the significance of inhibitory mechanisms to appropriate behavior, and the critical importance of neuroplasticity-based practices to develop men’s prefrontal cortex, as well as in relation to human Callosal-inhibition, the mystical scriptures – symbolically by Tefillin, and practically within the Talmudic text – stress in much larger degree on prohibitions and obligations rather than permissions and rights.



we will be able to monitor the effects of our personal and collective lifestyle choices and apply them to disease prevention efforts.

Gender Harmony


Both men and women are born with an innate moral faculty built into their neural circuitry serving as a compass. Nonetheless, Proverbs 3:13-19 identifies a notable biological difference of this capacity among the two genders, claiming feminine superiority. TBC…



Based on various sources such as Bilam’s prophecy, “A star shall come out of Jakob,” as well as, Ezekiel 48.35, “The name of that city, from God’s day, … ” Jerusalem’s name will be changed to
‘Yir HaShalom,’ ‘עיר השלום,’ ‘City of Peace.’
With Standard Gematria of 661 it equals “Ester,” (אסתר), referring to “Shining Star, Fragrance, Ether, Aster, Hidden, promoting asymmetry, String, Contracting…TBC”



Most people believe that as a religious person, one must categorically define God as the supreme moral authority and accept God’s approach as the highest ethical duty. However, the Jewish scriptures suggest the opposite principle, as, throughout history, the leaders and prophets repeatedly argued, lessoned God for better, overruled God, and even rejected God’s position on a disputed issue, based on the Torah principles ‘to follow the majority,’ and ‘God’s Authority on earth’. Nonetheless, based the versatile and complex, yet fundamental principles “to cultivate the path to the tree of life,” and “decency and kind behavior precedes Torah,” implying that our moral intuition grows organically over time to cultivate a path to pleasant life – the Jewish tradition suggests that all human, theist and atheist alike, have an innate universal intuitive faculty shaping their ethical characteristics, which has evolved conjointly with our intellect over human history; And a decent and dignified human behavior emerging from this instinctive moral sense, ought to precede the logical behavior emerging from reason.



Our theory

Gender Harmony


The Strong and Lasting Agents of Change: Radical groups often limit women as their first priority when they gain power, which indicates that women oppose radical ideologies and that they are an essential threat to the mission of those groups. If women were truly the weaker sex, there would be no need to limit them. Therefore, women offer a unique valuable solution to the current crisis, as well as suitable agents to ensure global peace and prosperity. And by setting them in the position of power, we also ensure the safety of all minorities, whom women are more likely to protect since they tend to share mutual enemies and challenges.
“Our masculine logical binary mind provides two options: Inferior or Superior. Your Choice, Your Status.”
Based on various scientific as well as theological, including Judeo-Chrislamic sources, the mission of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) is to officially establish the status of women as superior in order to create harmony between the two sexes. Once a woman is made a man’s superior, he becomes her equal, as women, in general, don’t regard men as their inferior.
“Once a woman is made man’s superior, she becomes his equal.”



Based on the exquisite and multi-layered poem of King Solomon, “Eshet Hayeel Ateret Ba’alah” (“Woman of Valor is the Crown of her Husband”), this platform shares the monarch’s visions about the exclusive role of the “righteous” women. King Solomon, the son of King David, is praised in Judeo-Chrislamic religions as the wisest man who ever lived.



Our theory of



By using mobile applications with a nanoarray of sensors to detect our exhaled volatile organic compounds, and by analyzing those results with artificial intelligence machines, we can classify and diagnose our physical and spiritual conditions.

Gender Harmony


In addition to allocated resources of armed conflicts, there are various other warfare, such as trade wars, currency wars, cyberwars, media wars, and by advancement and accessibility of new technologies, even allowing the non-states actors to join the party. As “war games” are part of human’s nature, this platform does not intend to eliminate them, instead it suggests theoretical solutions to replace the zero-sum and ‘lethal’ games.



Noah, who experienced God firsthand, passed away when Abrahm was 58 years of age. Having dwelled at the Shem’s and Noah’s residence, and studied at the Institute of Shem and Eber, Abrahm cannot be the founder of monotheism. Furthermore, most of the eastern belief systems are equally Abrahmic, as they originate from Abrahm’s six children he sent the east, who became heads of various nations. However, in our generation, none of the belief systems are following Abrahm’s path. Moreover, regardless of the level of our observance, the length of our beard – color, size, and shape of our head coverings or clothing, and the number of times we, daily, pray, or bow up and down – no one is “shielded” by Abrahm’s covenant. As “the shield” refers to an ‘Immune’ system. It is mentioned that people idolized, followed, and worshiped various types of entities. However, Abrahm, from the age of 3, refrained and even broke the idols. Similarly, from an early age, we are all exposed to figures we idolize as role models – in all sorts of media. We continuously replace them as we grow with other actors. As programmable species, this condition molds our brain through neuroplasticity and could shape our perceptions towards the values, biases, interests, and positions of our idols. Akin, a navigation system that does not notice a GPS disconnection, we follow the leads blindly, as we all – including the leaders – lack a valid frame of reference, to examine the validity of the directions. What shielded Abrahm was the acknowledgment that he must listen to the intuition of his wife. Following Abrahm’s path, obviously would not necessarily make sense for us rationally. However, a truly faithful person would at least give it a try. Since Proverbs 3:13 – 3:19 identifies a notable biological difference in our innate moral faculty, declaring women’s Moral Navigation System as superior.



fecundity, creativity, productivity, happinessFa,…



Definition of harmony…

Gender Harmony


While the compounds in one’s exhaled air produce a unique and stable molecular autograph, as interchained individuals, we all inhale and exhale in the same atmosphere. Based on this phenomenon, PranaYama elaborates on the global pillar needed for clean air and provides enlightened instructions on how to handle our life force.



Torah names Abrahm’s wife in multitude ways: Born as Yiskāh (יסכה) to describe her prophetic foresight, Abrahm, the first Tsionist, called her Sōri (שרי), meaning, “my Queen,” (Malekāh, ملیکه ) or “my Superior,” and “my Tower, my Castle, my Rock” (Saray سرای), as he realized, that her “greater perception,” granted by the ‘Quantum Moral Compass,’ which is referred to as the “sixth sense” – serves as ‘universal’ protection. However, God adjusted her name to Sōrāh (שרה) to demonstrate that she, as a ‘spiritual mother,’ is a role model for all “righteous women.” Nonetheless, Torah calls her “The Women” once she enters “Egypt,” where she was solely identified as a beautiful ‘entity.’ Sayra (سیرا‎), which is the synonym of Nargis (نرگس‌), and Malekāh (ملیکه) are all names and attributes of Imam Mahdi’s mother. The reverse avgad Gematria of SORAYYAH (שריה) of 313 is the most fundamental principle relating to the Seven Branch Menorah and Shivat. It also corresponds to Saraswati (सरस्वती), the Hindu “Goddess of Knowledge.” The Gematria of “Yiskāh Sōrāh” (שרה יסכה) is 600 equal to “Tzitzit” (ציצית), which the Hadith defines as one of the signs of Imam Mahdi: “…Qutwani cloaks, akin to a man of Beni Israel” (عَبَاءَتَانِ قَعْوَايَتَانِ ، كَأَنَّهُ مِنْ رِجَالِ بَنِي إِسْرَائِيلَ). However, 600 as the Gematria of the final letter Mem (ם) and the word Eagles (נשרים), refers to the 600 wings of Jibrāʾīl (جبرائيل, Gabriel) that Prophet Muhammad described. On 1938-08-17, the Nazis forced Jewish women to add Sara to their names on all legal documents.



the magnetic and electric fields of the brain and the Schumann Resonance are entangled:.

The averaged density of energy in the universe is ~10^-9 J/m^3. The energy of cortical neurons generating thought is ~10^-9 J/m^3

Brain’s magnetite nano-particles in realm of information processing

Immersed in the geomagnetic field, magnetic diffusivity of information from one brain to all 7.8 billion brains calculates to ~ 4 minutes:



On the macroscopic level, the 2 brain hemispheres appear approx mirror images, displaying significant anatomical differences, such as the Yakovlevian torque. This phenomenon is hinted in the Torah as when Yakov “crossed his hands” and laid his right hand on Efraim’s head and his left hand on Menashe’s head. The cryptic term “שכל” (S-Kh-L) and the clue of Efraim with the Gematria 331 are essential, especially, on the microscopic level: The interplay between geno- and envirotypic factors modifying the intra- and interhemispheric connectivity patterns lead to functional asymmetries and unique lateralization in individuals. However, until 3 years of age, most humans exhibit a superior right hemisphere. Nonetheless, the right hemispheric dominance can occur during the sleep onset period (SOP) and deep meditative states. This phenomenon is vital as each side has a unique hemispheric-specific processing strategy and style. Concurrently, until the age of 3, synapses in the brain develop rapidly and efficiently. At the age of 3, the brain has up to twice as many synapses as it will have in adulthood. This number is maintained until around 13 years of age when the pruning starts. Simultaneously, sleep slow-wave activity (SWA) also declines. Besides the crucial cognitive impacts, Slow-wave sleep (SWS) also affects various other systems. The resulting ‘confined state of consciousness’ causing – inter alia – a large number of ‘Fieldidiots,’ is what the Qabballah refers to as “Mitzrayim.” Within this context, in a video abstract by Harvard University, Jeff W. Lichtman, MD, PhD, questioned if experiences “knock out the vast majority of the possibilities” of an infant’s brain? (See the transcript) Nonetheless, in an attempt to improve these conditions, this platform suggests various lifestyle adjustments as well as practical tips such as the use of head guards or various odorants as external stimuli.

Gender Harmony


Food are drugs…and drugs have only effects (and not “side”effects)….



Acknowledging the water content of our major organs: lungs 83%, muscles and kidneys 79%, brain and heart 73%, skin 64%, and bones 31%; thought machine learning algorithm to improve global SpiritoScore, a collaborative multiobjective optimization is needed to cyclically enhance the water quality at the nodes by adapting a complex systems approach to the aquatic ecosystem.



Biological rhythms are ubiquitous and affect the physiology and behavior of possibly all organisms on Earth. In order to enhance ‘global fruitfulity,’ this platform, based on Magen Dvyd, suggests modifications to rhythmic patterns at various time scales. Considering our habits determine our destiny, most of the time, it is our weekly cycles that determine our life habits. If we do not find a window to dedicate to an activity within a weekly cycle, it becomes more likely that we do not find time for it throughout our entire life. Therefore, and also to align this cycle with the “love sequence,” it suggests adding one day, which various sources, such as the Revelation 1.10, refer to as the “Lord’s day” to the current weekly rhythmicity, corresponding to the 8 days of Khanokah. As the ‘1st day’ of the week to be dedicated to ‘Education, Sharing, and Charity’ followed by ‘4 working days’ making a total of ‘5 operational days.’ At the same time, we will dedicate the middle day of the 3 days of holiday – which is the 7th day – as the day of ‘biological rest,’ as explained on Shivat. This configuration would make the Sunday as the 8th day. Based on several sources such as Sefer Yetzirah, Revelation 1.11, and the 4Q120, a Greek fragment of Vayikra discovered in the “Qumran Caves Scrolls,” where the Greek form ΙΑΩ (YHV) of the Hebrew Trigrammaton יהו (YHV) is written as ιαω (YHV) – this day will be called ‘YHVDAY.’ The platform ‘25h.Watch’ will elaborate on why the day should have 25 hours.



On our rotating planet, almost every life has adaptations for periodic changes in environmental conditions, presenting circadian variations in biochemistry, physiology, pathology, and behavior. The components of the molecular clock orchestrate circadian control of gene expression and the regulation of brain plasticity. However, changes in circadian plasticity are associated with some neuropsychiatric disorders, which display the loss of circadian rhythms and dysfunction of excitatory/inhibitory balance. Likewise, extrinsic changes in the circadian rhythm such as travel jet lag, social jet lag, or chronic jet lag, seem to be correlated with global epidemics like obesity and various diseases. Considering that a Circadian Rhythm Disruption (CRD) sets a negative physiological and behavioral impact, it suggests a modification to our current 24-hour solar day to 25 hours, to create multiple intraday ‘biological prime time’ episodes. The examination through the lens of chronobiology suggests that when we are isolated from photic and nonphotic external clues, we gravitate toward a 25-hour circadian cycle, which seems to be closer in length to the lunar day, however, our internal clock is set back to a 24-h cycle each day by exposure to external Zeitgebers. This suggestion is based on the concept of Magen Dvyd, the Qabballistic concept of the “Secret of Unity” (Sod Ha-Yehud), as well as the date of Khanokah and Christmas, among other clues.

Gender Harmony


the effect of …



Redefining Tribalism through the eyes of Evolutionary psychology and based on hormones such as Oxytocin ….



this platform elaborates on proper care of the Mother nature…



Based on the interpretation of the “Tree of Life” and the “Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.” This platform suggests how to design the “ethical mechanism” of the AI, to comply with “love your fellow as yourself.” Using practical examples, such as how we, as intelligent agents, are heading to “enhance” our cognitive capabilities with “super” intelligent agents, it shows how the teachings could be vital, acknowledging, we are about to merge an unconscious mechanical intelligence with a conscious biological intelligence.



The mission of



Our Covenant



Our theory of



It suggests that our classical existence is within a quantum realm, interconnected through an olfactory mechanism. Olfactory perception is present throughout our bodies, and in all stages of life, even before an embryo is entirely conceived. Composed of two levels, Conscious-Awareness and Conscious-Experience, our Qonsciousness neither arise from nor is limited to the brain. This phenomenon is based on a quantum-mechanical process ubiquitous in various biological systems.

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redefining education and the needed environments..



Anti-Semitism, Anti-Zionism, Anti-Israel, Anti-Judaism, or Anti-Jewdaism? The Chosen People Scapegoats? Throughout history, Jews were accredited for all sorts of fortunes and accused of many misfortunes. However, they have faced constant discrimination and continuously held to a different standard. ‘Natural Selection’ or Naturally Selected? Considering that the Jews constitute a mere one-half of one percent of the world’s population, we witness excessive interest of people on Jewish affairs. Natural Classification? For over two thousand years to this date, Jews are the only ‘global people,’ yet consistently identified as Jews, by the entire world. Human Biodiversity? It is a historical fact that Jews have contributed to many radical ideas, inspiring and shaping the global societies until this day. Furthermore, comparable to verifiable evidence that the percentage of Jewish Nobel laureates is at least 10,000% above average; likewise, we witness a large number of new contributions by Jews in various fields, which has considerably advanced countless aspects and conditions of all lives worldwide. When Observing the Jews, Has Nature Selected a ‘Filtered’ Variation of the Darwinian Glass, by any ‘Random’ Chance? The right definition of the challenge entails the path to the solution. This platform suggests a new action plan, as we cannot afford to change the goals when it comes to anti-Jewdasim.



Based on the narrative of the story of Abrahm, it is suggested that parents are holders and not owners of their children. As such, this platform elaborates on the obligations of parents and the society towards children.



This platform elaborates as why the ‘normal’ human body temperature need to be increased to 37,8°C (100.4°F).

Gender Harmony


Premised on the Global Risks Report of World Economic Forum and through the lens of 4444 movements, this platform intends to re-assess the likelihood of the individual global risk, as well as to identify any new global risk in the realm of various categories such as economic, environmental, geopolitical, societal, and technological.



The 4Q120, a Greek fragment of Leviticus (26:2–16) discovered in the Dead Sea scrolls (Qumran) has ιαω (“Iao”), the Greek form of the Hebrew Trigrammaton YHW.
Bahá’í بهائی בהאי
“أيوب‎” (IAOB) “Returning to God” ‎
יאהב IAOB



This platform addresses emerging opportunities and challenges of prospective innovations such as artificial intelligence, FinTech, financial instruments, robotics, quantum computing, 3D printing, drones, the internet of things, genetics, autonomous vehicles, biotech, nanotech, and other disruptive technologies. We need to make sure the goals of the technologies are aligned with the interests of the general public.



intermittent consumption: intermittent fasting/eating, intermittent abstinence/intimacy etc.

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Based on various sources this platform elaborates on When is “Late termination” of pregnancy considered late.



Our theory



Elaborating on incentives models for community health systems and the nexus between population health to clinical ….



While conventional social behavior suggests to “give back,” namely, after we have received, this platform encourages people to take the initiative and ‘to give’ in order to receive. Moreover, based on the Boomerang or Karma principle, we need to be conscious as to ‘how’ we give, as ‘the way it goes around, it comes around.’

Gender Harmony


The Hebrew word Emmunah (אמונה) and Arabic word Iman (إيمان) does not mean “to believe,” “to have faith,” or “to be faithful.” To believe that one needs to “believe” in God is absurd… True meaning of the term and its relationship with our “immune system,” and how its connected to the concept that “God would be a shield to us”.



While some Islamic Hadiths hint on the ‘futuristic’ role of women in achieving universal peace, several references in authentic Hadith directly mention that Imam Mahdi has a “sharp nose,“ the complexion of an Arab (“لونه لون عربي“), will appear in the body of an Israelites (“والجسم جسم إسرائيلي“), and will rule according to the laws of the house of David (“بحكم آل داود“). The Number 313 as the 66th prime number correlates to ‘بن دود’ and ‘בן דוד’ (Equal numerical values of 66), which means ‘Son of David.’
It corresponds to Exodus 3:13 when Moses inquired God’s name, and to Exodus 6:6 “I am the LORD. I will free you from the labors of the Egyptians and deliver you from their bondage.” However, Exodus 6:9 tells us: “But when Moses told this to the Israelites, they would not listen to Moses.” Nonetheless, the values also correspond to Deuteronomy 31:3, where God and Joshua’ Start’ to lead the Israelites, namely in Parsha VaYelekh (וילך) “Then He Went out.” The numerical value of VaYelekh of 66 equals to Allāh الله and to the idiom designating God’s eternity “היה הוה יהיה” “Was, Is, Will Be,” Moreover, the letter Shin (ش‍) being the 13th Arabic letter with a value of 300 corresponds to 313; however, Shin (ש) also represents 358, which is the numerical value of Meshiah (משיח‎).




toxic stimuli.: Our words making our worlds …



The ‘Objectives, Norms, and Sexy Key Results’ (ONSKRs) is a framework for defining qualitative objectives based on a ‘frame of reference,’ resulting from empirically measurable efficient actions. And tracking one or more quantitative Key results, based on ‘point of reference,’ resulting from non-empirical effective measures. Analogous to the relationship of ‘Electric Charge’ and ‘Magnetic Fields,’ it is constituted on two different modalities and four different feedback loops, balancing deliberate vs. intuitive approaches to decision-making. Given the properties of complex systems, instead of creating a set of complicated rules, it suggests 2 modalities and 4 different feedback loops to develop variations of growth to a desired – positive or negative – vortex-like dynamics. The employment of various technological resources will eventually enhance the overall behavior over time and might prevent the spontaneous breakout of oscillating systems out of the bounds of their normal fluctuation. However, the application Blockchain, will allow us to measure and track ‘the value’ of variables in a transparent manner in the realm of bias-variance tradeoff. The two modalities in technical terms consist of Authority (masculine): Classical bit-like system, clustered hierarchically in modules composed of small groups of nodes. And Power (feminine): Quantum qubit-like system, consisting of a multilayer of nested nodes, akin a paraboloid. In practical terms, the Authority requires comprehensive wisdom and logical memory to detect parallel patterns to define visionary ‘Objectives’ and utilitarian ‘Norms.’ And consistent judgment to measure the ‘Key results’ of the projects, transparently. However, to achieve the Objectives, the Power requires comprehension as to how to develop projects to address the broader group interests. Multidimensional communication skills to continuously check the outcome of the actions. Empathy to feel the non-expressional demands, intuition to counter non-linearities, flexibility to adapt to spontaneous behaviors, and great autobiographical memory for patterns to know how to manage the programs to prosper continually. While the Power can accept, reject, or suggest modifications to the proposed Objectives, the Authority must comply with ‘the way’ Power executes, as Authority is not above the Power. However, Power can always consult with the Authority in case of executive challenges. Please see FemoCratia for more information.

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Rethinking exercising with the aim to strengthening the middle part of our bodies, from brain to our neck, and down reproductive organs…



QabbAllah (Arabic: قبالة, | Hebrew: ‎‎קבלה), which is associated with various notions, is an ancient transdisciplinary learning and innovating technique.



This platform elaborates on the importance of proper oxygenation. In addition to advocating for proper air quality, both indoors and outdoors, it aims to increase the current atmospheric oxygen level by optimizing the average respiratory exchange ratio (RER). While it recommends the use of machines for oxygen-breathing as a routine exercise, it intends to examine the use of Hyperbaric Therapy (HBOT) not only as a way to prevent and heal diseases but possibly to increase wellness.



Our theory

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This platform suggests an alternative to ‘Non-duality’ and ‘Duality’ debate. It demonstrates that our reality is based on a ‘tri-party union.’ While it is non-dual at its fundamental level, it is trial at our reality. It consists of two asymmetrical entities (arms). This concept could also be represented with letter Shin 𐡔, where the rate of the growth of the middle arm is greater than the sum of the two other unequal individual arms. Our two asymmetrical brain hemispheres connected via corpus callosum is one example of this phenomenon.



Even though the media are using the word “Jihad,” yet the accurate pronunciation of this word in Farsi is ‘Jāhad or Jeahud’ (جهاد‎), which means striving or struggling – generally in a spiritual sense for a praiseworthy cause – with eagerness and aspiration. The root of this word comes from J-H-D (جهد‎) and J-D (جد‎). However, the Persian word for Jew, Jehudi, or Yāhudi, roots from the word Jāhd meaning a “hard worker” and “diligent person.” In the “book of Esther,” where the Purim story is recorded, the word “Jew” (Jehudi יְהוּדִי) appears as an attribute that designates the whole “Jewish nation.” Jews are known as the children of Jakob (יעקוב or יעקב). The scriptures describe Jakob as diligent, hard-working, and striving persona who fought with many struggles. This platform elaborates on mystical concepts associated with the terms: “wrestle” V-J-A-V-K ויאבק, “torch” A-V-U-K-H אבוקה, and “dust, powder, ashes, sand, or smoke” A-V-K אבק, and why Jakob’s name was changed to “Israel” after the “mysterious wrestling occurrence.” The German word for “struggle” is “Kampf,” ergo, “Mein Kampf” means “my struggle.” This platform clarifies Israel’s upcoming name change.



How quantum mechanics affecting the efficiency of Photosynthesis, which is a fundamental chemical process for chlorophyll-containing life….

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Younic, jast laik yoo!



This platform



Contemplating on the role of Pharmacology in realm of ‘Personalized, Preventive and Predictive Healthcare and Quantum Precision Medicine.’



Our role in realm of the interconnection of plants with soil microbes..

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diffusio, latin for diffusion deals with..






by using interference to recreate wave functions of more complex quantum objects…recreates the spatial structure of objects,

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The Hebrew term משכן‎ (mushkan), meaning “residence” or “dwelling place” referrers to the Tabernacle. The term is associated to musk, which drives from the Farsi term مشکان (mushkan) meaning ‘Place of Fragrance’.



imagine a world without any mirrors.



By analyzing the ToRah (תּוֹרָה, توراه), we find 3 times more text describing the clothing of the high priest than the complete story of the creation, reports on drama-filled relationships, dysfunctional families, romantic stories of beautiful celebrities and their travels, complains about various male’s misbehaviors, fertility and intimacy issues, diet tips, parenting recommendations, tales about disputes, lies, cheating, and fallible leaders, protests about socio-economic challenges, and last but not least – women’s best friends, namely precious stones, decorations, and fragrances. While acknowledging that storytelling, as the oldest form of our education, to be fundamental to our consciousness, nonetheless, If repeated citation of the ToRah were about reading stories, a subscription to a women’s magazine would be more entertaining, as it also offers attractive graphics, additionally. The Jewish scriptures are defined as “a personal path for life,” addressing each person individually: “Write your own ToRah.” It forbids to impose recommendations on others, to the extent – that one is not even allowed to give any recommendation, if not asked. TBC

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Shivat – שבת – Sunday – Sabbath – Jumu’ah – جمعة