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A Summary of Some of the Hypotheses

Our world has become increasingly complex, uncertain, unstable, unjust, hyper-connected, disharmonious, authoritarian, distrustful, toxic, and disease-ridden. The following is an extended summary of 23 out of 72 platforms that aim to bring harmony to the current chaos.

GPS Signal Lost

Global affairs are heading towards a “Great Reset.” However, based on beliefs such as zero-sum thinking, human overpopulation, and AI-driven formation of a “useless class of humans,” — the current approach is heading in a fallacious direction, even for the economic elites.

Searching For GPS

Over a decade of a transdisciplinary search for the root cause of disharmony led to concealed knowledge within the narratives of sacred scriptures that natural phenomena and discoveries in fields like quantum biology can validate.

Transition Challenge

The suggested solution is an alternative to “The Great Reset” plan of the economic elites. Based on a positive-sum design, the proposed program prioritizes human flourishing while enhancing Mother Nature’s well-being by fundamentally changing the current map and rules of ‘the game.’ Although the transition requires planning and hard work, ‘The Ultimate Revival’ needs to be executed by and for the people.

The Main Topics

The platforms facilitate a better understanding of the needed changes. However, the central notions include the need for feminine women and not masculine females in leadership, the consequence of quantum-classical dynamics of olfaction, the significance of the microbiome networks, and the implementation of a novel political border and government system.

The Hard Problem of Qonsciousness

Some platforms discuss the role of Geomagnetic fields for memory, binding, real-time conscious action, and guiding humanity to a better future by virtue of past human suffering via the quantum level of consciousness. Through transhumanists and artificial intelligence lenses, other platforms will explain layers of consciousness and a more accurate interpretation of the term “repentance.”

Primordial Secret (Star Shield of David)

Once the root cause for disharmony was recognized, the clue to the puzzle was identified as a concealed concept: the authentic “Shield of David,” a harmonizing and protective concept associated with the letter Alef—not a six-pointed star. Hence, there is no image of the “Magen David” in any authoritative Jewish book and no associated hexagram in the City of David. However, a portrait of the ‘Magen David concept’ was uncovered there in 2011 but “puzzled the experts.” In addition to entailing the hidden concept, the symbols in this portrait are the letters of David’s name in Hebrew and Perso-Arabic. This redemptive concept addresses the “Shevirat haKeilim” (“Breaking of the vessels”) and the Left-right asymmetry (“Breaking the mirror”) phenomena. Above all, adhering to its guidance is the key to the manifestation of the Divine Feminine in our realm of reality (the return of Shekhinah).

Universal Indicator for Well-being

According to the scriptures, our scent is the key criterion by which we are judged. As babies, we start with a fantastic fragrance, but we often use perfumes to mask our true selves as we age. Our current scent is the reflection of our past behaviors. Healthy organisms emit a refreshing aroma. We assess our mates and food by their smell. Pleasant scents have higher energy and shorter wavelengths, while foul odors are low in energy and have longer wavelengths. For example, most flowers please and energize us only up close, while wastes disgust and sicken us even from afar.

Status of Women

The essential key for a rescuing transformation is the status and role of women, highlighting the need for women with explicit ‘feminine’ qualities in power positions, not just more females. These days, most female leaders tend to possess masculine attributes.

Biologically Superior

The study emphasizes the protective mechanism of “women’s olfactory superiority.” It points to olfactory hypersensitivity in pregnancy as evidence of its evolutionary significance for survival and well-being. However, her superiority is primarily linked with the quantum mechanics of smell combined with several entities described below, enabling a magnetoreception-based guidance system comparable to the mechanics of the “quantum compass” of birds.

Havah’s Superior Gut-Brain Axis (GBA)

Bereshit 3:1 highlights the diverse and crucial roles of the “Snake” (Gut, Intestinal Tract) and “Earth” (Flora, Microbiome) within the “Trees” (Neural network) of the “Garden” (Brain) and underscores women’s GBA superiority beneficial for greater harmony. The term, Havah (Eve), is etymologically connected to the word Havayah, which means experience.

Gut-Brain-Ventricular System Axis

The human body houses a large quantity of bacteria, no less than the number of human cells. Microbiomes’ manipulative mechanisms within the local soil and GBA also play a vital role associated with the Brain Ventricular System (BVS) and the Geomagnetic field (GMF) described below. The BVS is implied in Bereshit 2:10: And a river (Central canal) flowed from Eden (Sacrum) to irrigate (Cerebrospinal fluid stream) the garden (Brain), and it then divides and becomes four heads (Four cerebral ventricles).

Integrative Encompassing System

The Geomagnetic field (GMF) encompasses, shields, and regulates the planet. It affects the physiology, psychology, and behavior of the entire species, influences the tilt of the Earth’s axis, etc. Based on the 25th word in Bereshit, ‘radiation,’ it is also associated with the mystical concept of the “Secret of Unity” (Sod ha-YeHuD), the daylight and human ~ 25-hour circadian rhythm, Shabbat’s 25 hours, the eight lights of “festival of lights” on the 25th of the month, annotated further down.

TransDeitist, Cloud, and Singularity

Some transhumanists intend to “upload the consciousness” on the cloud to recreate it in any synthetic substrate. The scriptures indicate that the ‘download of consciousness’ into humans with olfaction as its fundament was based on a five-layer mechanism. Here is a rudimentary comparison of the layers with machines: The lowest level, called “Nefesh,” resembles the ‘firmware’ of a machine that provides “low-level hardware control,” and the highest layer, called “YeHiDa” (Singularity) resembles a ‘cloud-based universal data-management information-integrator control-element.’ The other three dimensions encompass “Ruah” (our emotions and feelings), “Neshamah” (intellect and thoughts; similar to apps), and “Hayah” (charisma, vibes, and aura; a short-range transmission mechanism akin to NFC, UWB, and Bluetooth). The layers explain why people can be attracted to and connect on each of those specific levels individually. It suggests people should cultivate and capitalize on them for relationships and dating.


Without getting into the philosophical domain, the abstract noun “consciousness,” derived from the Latin CōnScīre and Cōnscĭĕntĭa could also be interpreted as ‘Knowledge from collective learning experiences’ (German: “Kollektive Lernerfahrungen”). Thus, integrating information and processing data from our subjective experiences, for example, our thoughts, actions, and the associated feelings of stakeholders within the “Singularity” (YeHiDa) layer, has evolved for millennia to serve more harmonious societies ahead. The purpose of this phenomenon is hinted at in Bereshit 3:24, as explained further down. It resembles some functions within Artificial intelligence (AI) and its subset, Machine learning (ML).


The term “consciousness” is etymologically related to “conscience” (conscience morale) and is referred to by some as “the inner voice” or “the light within.” The YeHiDa (Singularity) enables a phenomenon resembling “Deep Learning” (DL) within ML. DL involves training algorithms cyclically to find patterns in existing data to improve predictions about new data. As explained later, this mechanism enables feminine women to have greater inhibitory control, empathy-related personality traits, intuition, and memory.

Repentance Reinforcement Learning (RL)

The religious notion of “Repentance” (Hebrew: “תשובה” ‘Teshuba’; Arabic: “توبة” ‘Tobā’) means “Respond, Solution or Reply” literally. This concept resembles “Reinforcement learning” (RL). RL is a machine learning training method that rewards desired behaviors and punishes undesired ones. To determine the ideal behavior, a reinforcement learning agent interprets its environment, takes actions, and learns through trial and error.

Judgment Requires a Frame of Reference

There is a need for a point of reference to determine an ideal behavior. Consciousness is a collective phenomenon. As a point of reference is relative to the position of an observer, a common frame of reference among all observers is necessary. Depending on the position of observers, individuals can have different points of reference. Still, the references need to be consolidated at some level. For instance, two people could have opposing judgments, measurements, and viewpoints, but both could be right based on their positions.

Universal Reference Frame

The Geomagnetic field (GMF), as a ‘collective frame of reference’ within our consciousness, has the capacity to integrate and store the experiences of every human that has ever existed. It could enable our subjective first-person experience, regulate our neurophysiology, and enable sharing of various inalienable universals, etc. This mechanism could also explain the “Life review” experience of people with Near-death experience (NDE).

Universal Control Center

Scientific knowledge is provisional. Modern science believes that our consciousness is generated by certain brain parts, such as the thalamocortical system, and not by other regions, such as the cerebellum. However, this platform’s hypotheses might help explain cases like the relatively normal life of a French white-collar father of two missing 90% of his brain or a female reaching 24 without anyone realizing she had no cerebellum in her brain. It could also explain the mechanism for intelligence in many unicellular organisms performing cognitive functions without a neural system and address some scientists doubting the existence of human free will and agency based on experiments using technologies such as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). The experiments showed that sensory-related neural activity occurs 300–500 milliseconds after the inputs. Yet, people respond to those inputs at around 100 milliseconds. Brain activity predicts decisions up to ten seconds before they are consciously made. It might also explain why no observer in any region of our brain can be found to explain our conscious experiences. Furthermore, it might also be a possible explanation for the existence of magnetic particles in the brain and why the variations in EEG correlate with changes in the Schumann Resonance across a daily cycle.

A Lot of Pain (Gain) - Universal Compass

The consolidation of our collective subjective experiences regarding our personal reference points within the GMF to monitor the effect of our behavior on others’ feelings has served its purpose. Bereshit 3:24, “To cultivate the path (moral characteristics) of the tree of life,” implies that our moral intuition has grown organically over millennia through our painful experiences, leading us towards a more pleasant life. Thus, the mystical teachings suggest that a decent and dignified human behavior emerging from this instinctive moral sense (Tree of life) ought to precede logical behavior emerging from reason (Tree of knowledge of good and bad). This mechanism clarifies why women have superior instincts, intuition, empathy, and memory and lower corruption and crime rates.

Global Moral Positioning System

The suggested phenomenon further clarifies why we can’t consistently justify our moral positions reasonably, even if we feel their correctness intuitively; why we collectively affirm and share many equal moral positions globally; why toddlers can spontaneously act altruistically; and why even infants have a moral sense without associated experience-based learning. The rise of our fitness levels will expand our consciousness with greater access to this field, promoting a more harmonious society by regulating our and other species’ behavior. A model that could inspire the regulation of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), Augmented Collective Intelligence (ACI), and the alike.

Seven Eight-Day Week

Considering that our weekly cycles chiefly govern our life habits and, therefore, our destinies, this platform suggests adding one day dedicated to ‘Education, Sharing, and Charity’ to our weekly cycles, establishing 3 weekend days, 5 working days, for an 8 days week. Various theological references suggest this day be called ‘YHUDAY’ “Lord’s day” (‘יום יהו’).

24 25-Hour Day

Provided the circadian alignment is crucial for optimal health, based on various concepts such as the 25 hours of Shabbat, and through the lens of chronobiology — to align with the human biological internal clock period, which gravitates toward a 25-hour circadian cycle when deprived of external zeitgebers — this platform suggests a modification to our current 24-hour solar day to 25 hours to be closer to the lunar day. This change might better protect us from numerous diseases associated with Circadian Rhythm Disruption (CRD). It would allow us to create multiple intraday “biological prime time” episodes. It might also influence the tilt of the Earth’s axis via the moon’s gravitational pull and improve photosynthesis via the blue-green algae. After all, CERN’s 2023 proposal to switch to a 25-hour day seems more serious than an April joke.

We Smell, Therefore We Are

Our research indicates that olfaction, defined by scriptures as the sole uncorrupt sense, is fundamental to the quantum mechanical properties of our consciousness. It might serve as an interface between classical and quantum reality. However, the research suggests using olfactory modality as a dependable frame of reference to evaluate human progress. As this phenomenon is fundamental to our existence, one of the platforms explains its role within the fabric of the universe.

Cooperate or Compete? Coorpete

As humanity is interconnected in various fields, the growth of the individual is limited or facilitated, to a large degree, by the ascension of our collective spirit. Individual progress leads to collective progress. Education and support can effectively motivate people to adopt a healthier lifestyle, whereas fear and intimidation are counterproductive.

End of General Guidance and Blind Obedience

The scriptures emphasize the personalization of lifestyles and oppose the “one size fits all” approach; this includes certain organized religious practices. The teachings encourage the hunger to continually improve our lives with an attitude that ‘the best is not good enough.’ It urges appreciating and treating each person with a unique role and biology as a VIP. In this spirit, individuals do not need to blindly obey the guidance of leaders, counselors, and teachers. They can use their personalized frame of reference.

The Nose Knows to Diagnose

The suggested non-invasive olfactory monitoring solution empowers people to track their progress against the advice they follow. This approach will eventually eradicate diseases, including aging. Here is a simple example for a better understanding: As babies, we radiate this fantastic energizing fragrance, but as adults, we must use perfumes to hide and fake our true essence (ending with a disgusting odor as we pass away). Our unique scent changes in tandem with our lifestyles and can help us detect imbalances early.

The Unique Sense

Leaving the quantum properties of olfaction aside, even on its classical level, it is unique in several aspects, like anatomically and phenomenologically, and could serve as the foundation of consciousness. Olfactory Receptors are present even before conception, namely in the human sperm cell and through our entire body, i.e., in our heart, skeletal muscle, skin, lungs, liver, gut, and several other structures. Unlike other sensory receptors, olfactory cells are located on nerve cells directly connected to the brain and obtain minimal required neuroanatomy for information processing. Unlike other nerve cells, the olfactory receptor cells regenerate throughout the lifespan. The human olfactory system is an evolutionary conserved structure. The olfactory bulbs are among the first structures to develop in the brain. The rich array of regions that are innervated by olfactory neurons indicates a strong influence of olfaction on our behavior: it has strong links with circuits involved in emotion, hedonics, memory, and decision-making, and these systems, in turn, have reciprocal connections feeding back to very early stages of olfactory processing. The olfactory receptor gene superfamily is the largest in the human genome, and so on.

Our Collective Mother

Given the quantum effects of photosynthesis, the platforms examine the impact of “Population aging” within the “trophic pyramid.” And a potential correlation between “Global warming” and “Human cooling” since the Industrial Revolution concerning the well-being of Mother Nature, as the scripture repeatedly refers to humans as trees.

Seven-Branch Candelabra Tree

The scriptures explicitly rule against imperialism and the like. They consider the globe as one giant tree: the ‘Tree of HaShalom’ (עץ השלום). Jerusalem, which is referred to as the “world’s navel,” serving the seven ‘umbilical cords,’ shall be named the ‘City of HaShalom’ (עיר השלום). The lowest point on Earth, the “Dead Sea,” will be the root of the tree to serve humanity with its remarkable microbial life. The seven continents comprise seven branches, and its leaves are a multiplicity of small, self-governing, sovereign entities at three levels — Cantons, Cities, and Communities — with defined borders, exercising broad political, administrative, fiscal, and market autonomy.

Governing Gardening

As no one becomes the legal owner of any biotic and abiotic natural resources, to end various conflicts and insecurities through the lens of botany and analogous to the utility of a trunk, the findings suggests harnessing collaborative, technology-driven frameworks to monitor and manage harmonious, appropriate, transparent, and universally acceptable frameworks and tools for sustainable management of the global households and just distributions among the branches and leaves.

Disarmament Difarmament

As Cantons become the largest political entities, the national military guards become obsolete; thus, the scripture suggests a difarmament approach: The military–industrial complexes’ budget shall increase to build and continuously upgrade new infrastructures for state-of-the-art smart cities, communities, and homes. A significant consequential benefit is that the local civil guards are unlikely to protect the policymakers at the cost of their tribes.

Special Interest Groups

Our research through the lens of complex systems indicates that a central polity over a large territory exponentially rewards a small group of individuals and restricts visions for broader socio-economic developments. Thus, by eliminating the national states and their giant maladaptive structures, the benefit-cost ratio (BCR) — for autonomous and government-dependent projects — will be less likely to allow building or maintaining influential “interest groups” to lobby politicians. Therefore, it permits policymakers to act exclusively in the interest of their ingroup.

Pragmatic Servants

The proposed configuration causes a job description asking for ‘pragmatic servants’ dealing with the daily affairs of their community, and not necessarily for international affairs experts. It becomes less likely that the people consider interfering in the affairs of other regions, for example, to manipulate politicians to administer their sewages based on conservative or liberal values. On the contrary, given the Mayors’ interests are aligned, they can and will thoroughly collaborate while using technology to empower civic participation.

Gender Unequal Governance Model

While the scriptures define Power and Authority within the governance system, they also recommend specific roles assigned to the two sexes, with women carrying greater responsibilities.


The suggested design has enormous benefits; for instance, through the lens of psychoneuroendocrinology, it enables the development of frameworks to encourage prosocial behaviors. It optimizes “algorithmic biases” in medical diagnosis, studying ecological factors’ role in intragroup multi-omics, etc. It enables people to be able to replace undesired policies and policymakers, and so forth.

Economy Spiralnomy

The research indicates that prioritizing human flourishing requires establishing new economic, financial, and monetary systems that facilitate cooperation, effective communication, and appreciative stakeholder collaboration. Studies from fields such as neuroeconomics and principles such as personalization, positive-sum design, and abundance-based strategy will guide the development of the needed policies. The collective ‘SpiritoScores’ will help evaluate the outcome against the policy preferences.

Spiral Agriculture

Based on a system of systems (SoS) approach, the research suggests a human-centered, nature-based, and diversified crop-livestock spiral farming. It recommends the application of technologies such as deep learning frameworks to optimize the symbiotic relationship among soil, humans, animals, plants, fish, atmosphere, and aquatic systems.

Preserve Culture, Not Food

The scriptures also urge preparing fresh food for the day, except for weekends when overnight preservation is acceptable. Dining should be a special social ceremony with rich quality nutrition rather than a race to swallow junk food. Thus, it should be performed at rest while sitting — not at walking or driving.
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